A Duncan Kincaid - Gemma James Novel

Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and his wife Detective Inspector Gemma James have been looking forward to a relaxing autumn getaway in the beautiful Cotswolds. But after a tragic accident and unexplained deaths, things in the country take a deadly turn…


“We can always count on her for fabulous plots,

...But what puts Deborah Crombie among the greats is her sure hand in raising her characters off the page.”

— Louise Penny, New York Times bestselling author


Laura Hartman Maestro
Illustrator of Books by Deborah Crombie

Before the first drop of ink touches the paper, Deborah sends Laura an advance copy of the manuscript tagged with suggestions for emphasis, maps of the area, and photographs of recognizable landmarks that are featured prominently in the book.

After conferring with Deborah, Laura submits a preliminary pencil drawing. Because Laura draws the maps by hand, rather than digitally, she takes great care in the preparation of the illustration. Once Deborah reviews the penciled illustration and they discuss the final details, Laura begins the ink version. The creation of these charming maps takes about three weeks.

With the help of Laura’s maps, readers have retraced Duncan and Gemma’s footsteps throughout the environs of east, south, and west London, Glastonbury, the Scottish Highlands, Cheshire, Henley-on-Thames, Crystal Palace, and now London's St. Pancras/King's Cross, visiting the scenes of the crimes and the landmarks that figure prominently in the books .

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Garden of Lamentations

map gol


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