(Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James #9)

Though her reputation for delving into the heart of murder is matched only by that of her former partner and current lover, Duncan Kincaid, newly appointed Detective Inspector Gemma James has never thought to question her friend Hazel Cavendish about her past. So it is quite a shock when Gemma learns that their holiday retreat to a hotel in the Scottish Highlands is, in fact, a homecoming for native daughter Hazel – and an event that has evoked strong reactions from the small community. Something is definitely amiss – and that something is quite possibly Donald Brodie, the charming if intense Scotsman who is a guest as well.

The truth comes out before long: Hazel and Brodie were once lovers, despite a vicious, long standing feud between their families, rival local distillers of fine whiskey. Their affair was fierce and passionate, and its fire might not have burned out completely. Certainly Brodie, now the domineering head of the family business, believe his "Juliet" still belongs to him alone – and he's prepared to destroy Hazel's English marriage to make it so.

 A brutal murder puts Hazel's very life in peril when she's arrested for the crime. Hazel is the logical suspect, but Gemma knows that nothing is simple in this place of secrets and long-seething hatreds. As even more damning evidence piles up against the friend that Gemma never truly knew, the investigation into Hazel and Brodie's history begins to take darker and more sinister and tumultuous turns. Gemma knows that she will need assistance to unravel this bloody knot – and so she calls the one man she trusts more than any other, Duncan Kincaid, to join her far from home...and in harm's way.


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